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History of Extenso and weighing

After National Oilwell acquired Procon for almost 15 years ago, Knut Bakke a previous owner of Procon established Extenso in 2003 to handle the customers on the land-based industries. This was due to National Oilwell concentrating its activities on the offshore industry. Extenso entered into an agreement with National Oilwell to continue with the same products as Procon had supplied earlier (Loss in Weight Systems, belt weighers and other weighing applications). Extenso has developed these products during the past 12 years with deliveries to, LKAB (new KK4-KA3, KK3 and KK2 with about 100 belt weighers and 8 loss in weight systems), Hydro Aluminium (Karmøy Årdal and Sunndal), Elkem Solar's new plant, Pioneer and Pilot stations in Kristiansand, among others