Quality steel rollers

steel rollers 


Steel Conveyor Rollers and Idlers Sets are manufactured in-house to exceptionally high quality standards.

1) STEEL TUBES: Accurately cut to length and square, to ensure concentric alignment of the welded bearing housing.

2) SHAFT: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Shafts can be fitted. We can machine a range of shaft end fixings, please view standard mounting types on inside back page of our brochure. Should you require a specials please contact us with your requirements.

3) BEARINGS: Generally Rubber Sealed (2RS) Bearings are supplied as standard, depending on application & customer specification.

4) CIRCLIPS: All Roller Shafts & Bearings are retained with Circlips.

5) BEARING HOUSINGS: All HORIZON rollers have steel turned back housings which improves roller concentricity giving increased bearing life.

6) INNER LABYRINTH SEAL: Precision moulded from Nylon, grease packed.

7) OUTER LABYRINTH SEAL: Precision moulded from Nylon, grease packed.

8) GREASE PACKED FELT SEAL: Optional, grease packed felt seal fitted for extreme water conditions. (Note: Not fitted as standard).

9) STEEL PRESSED STONE GUARD: The steel stone guard protects the inner labyrinth seals, and forms single labyrinth seal with shaft retainer. 

10) STONE GUARD SHAFT RETAINER: The retainer fits tight onto the shaft and forms a single labyrinth seal with the stone guard.

We have rollers/idlers in plastic and aluminium too.

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